Thread Lift Plus

What is a Thread Lift Plus?

Lifting with threads is a safe and effective procedure that offers subtle, natural-looking results. This technique allows the doctor to produce a relaxed, refreshed appearance while preserving and enhancing the natural contours of your face. Thread Lift Plus does not replace a conventional face lift; rather it offers patients an innovative, less invasive surgical approach to achieving face lift-like results. Norwood Day Surgery can perform the Thread Lift Plus procedure right here at our plastic surgery in Adelaide.

How is a Thread Lift performed?

A Thread Lift Plus utilises very small surgical sutures (Polypropylene) to lift and support the droopy areas of the brow, cheeks, face and neck. Threads are inserted in precise locations and tied to provide the lift. Excess skin is removed from in front of the ear and behind the ear.

How does a Thread Lift differ from a facelift?

Thread Lift Plus requires less surgery. It is less invasive, takes less time to recover and involves less cost. The procedure will also involve the use of non-absorbable threads to tighten the skin which do not dissolve over time.

Is it safe?

When performed by a trained doctor, this procedure is very safe. The risks and complications are uncommon and usually easily correctable. The actual sutures are made from polypropylene, which is a material that has been used in brain, heart and abdominal surgery for many years. In the rare event of a complication, the sutures can be removed or repositioned as needed. Since a Thread Lift Plus is performed under local anaesthesia and twilight sedation is used to keep you comfortable throughout the procedure – twilight sedation eliminates the usual risks associated with a full general anaesthesia.

How long does a thread lift last?

Usually only one procedure is needed to achieve the desired lifting effect. With the passing of time, some looseness will return as in traditional face lifts.

When can I return to work and activities?

Depending upon your workplace and tolerance for some minor bruising, swelling and possible dimpling you should be able to return to work in 10-14 days following the procedure. It is very important to discuss this with your doctor, who will have a better idea based on your skin type, the extent of the procedure and how physically demanding your profession is.

Areas that can be treated using Thread Lift Plus

Threads are used to lift drooping soft tissue of:

  • Mid face
  • Neck
  • Forehead and eyebrows
  • Any combination of the above

What type of results will I see from a Thread Lift?

The effects are immediate. During the time of your consultation your doctor will demonstrate in the mirror the relative amount of lift that the Thread Lift Plus can achieve. The procedure can also be combined with other techniques including blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), fat transfer, dermal fillers, anti-wrinkle injections and liposuction of the neck. It takes up to 3 weeks for the whole effect to settle and we review your final result 8 weeks after your procedure.

Will I still be able to have a conventional facelift or a browlift at another time?

Yes, developed by a board certified plastic surgeon, the Thread Lift Plus procedure allows lifting of any type in the future.

Patient Case Study 1 Thread Lift Plus side view before and after.

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Please note that the results of every procedure will vary from patient to patient. Norwood Day Surgery can neither predict nor guarantee success, please book a consultation to find out if this procedure is right for you.

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